Are Your Smart Bulbs Really Smart?


Did you know hackers can infiltrate your home wireless network with just a laptop and an antenna from a little over 300 feet away?

Security researchers recently revealed a popular wireless technology designed to help devices communicate and used in tens of millions of devices worldwide, including Phillips Smart Bulbs, Amazon Echo, Samsung SmartThings, Belkin Emo and more can be exploited over-the-air from over 100 meters away.

Imagine the damage someone can do to you and your family's life and finances if they are able to unknowingly access the computer you paid your bills with? Or the iPad you book your family's travel with? Or the Xbox you use to control your TV? Here are some key ways to stay safe and keep your WiFi secured.

1. Update your router with the latest firmware

2. Set up a separate network for IoT devices in your home

3. Change your password frequently

4. Change the password to your Verizon/Comcast/Etc administrator account

5. Change the SSID (Wifi Network Name) from the default out-of-the-box name

6. Turn off Remote Management

7. Turn off your router when going away for long periods of time

If you need assistance with determining how secure your WiFi is or taking a look at the security of the devices in your home, click here.