Our team of experts can help you mitigate threats, reduce risk, and advance your security program, controls and operations.

Vulnerability and Threat Assessment

Cybersecurity is complex and convoluted. We think education and implementation should be one in the same. We'll help you find your compliance gaps, even if you don't understand compliance guidelines, frameworks or benchmarks.

  1. 1. Office365 Security Auditing
  2. 2. Email Security Deployment
  3. 3. Penetration Testing
  4. 4. Phishing Simulations

vCISO on Demand

Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) helps organizations to protect their infrastructure, data, people and customers. A vCISO is a top security expert that builds the client organization’s cybersecurity program. Our Virtual CISO works with the existing management and technical teams.

  1. 1. Threat analysis and strategy in real-time
  2. 2. Anticipating future security challenges
  3. 3. Discovery, triage and remediation of threats